Going Further with God

I was sitting at a red light in downtown Pittsburgh years ago when I looked to my right and noticed a large construction site. Men were wearing their work belts, hard hats, and carried tools and construction materials as they intently focused on the job. Architectural plans were rolled out on the tabletop by the foreman’s trailer. Cement trucks were lined up at the gated entrance, getting ready to pour the foundation. That’s when I saw it— a very large hole. I sat up tell in my seat to try and see how far down it went. Must have been six feet wide and twenty feet deep- an amazing spectacle. That’s when I felt the Lord speak, “Mike, you can go with me only as far as you have time with me. The greater the size of the building, the deeper its foundation.

I understood what God was saying. My life was in front of me. Amanda and I desired to walk with God and bring Him glory by building His church in whatever capacity He chose. But the higher we desired to go in His name, the more we desired to accomplish for His kingdom, the greater depth we had to have in our relationship with Him. Among all the people God used throughout history, those we read about in Scripture and more recent times, a common denominator exists; they understood their first priority was to be with God. In His presence our spirit is fed and watered. In God’s presence we are broken, changed, and transformed again and again. Remember, the first thing God our Father did after Jesus offered himself on the cross? He tore the veil that separated humanity from the "Holy of Holies." Now, our greatest privilege, our greatest celebration, is to be with Him.

A deeper life with God is waiting on your response. Through prayer, that becomes a reality. James 5:16 says, “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another that you may be healed. The fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” We must come to the realization that we can accomplish more in every area of life when our prayer life is “effective and fervent.” God delights in answering fervent prayers, and each time He answers, our faith is grown. Many of us need to stop believing the enemy’s lie that we are just “too busy.” No one is too busy. It’s simply about what we will make as a priority.

Our country, city, and its leaders need your prayers. Our churches, pastors, missionaries, and lay leaders need your prayers. Most of all, you and I need the time with God—the place where life & love flow, where pride is broken and change is made. Join us this Sunday, September 27th, at 5:30pm in the sanctuary or at home for a time of prayer. “You can go with God only as far as you have time with God.”

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