No Resistance

Three kings joined forces and went to war against the Moabites. Naturally, anyone assessing the odds would think, “This should be easy. It’ll be a very quick and decisive victory.” Except, they forgot their context. They were in a dry, arid land and their troops had been marching for seven days. They had totally and completely ran out of water, which meant that death was immanent for them and their animals. They realized the need was very significant. But they did not realize that their “greatest need would become a blessing when it drove them to depend on God” - a statement you might have heard before.

The three kings were neither following, serving, nor seeking God. Yet, in a moment of desperation, they did what any of us would do. They cried out to the Lord. It was about that time they remembered the prophet Elisha and called to him. After several sarcastic exchanges, all boiling down to, “Oh! So now you need the Lord’s help?” Elisha responded by asking for a harp player to play. As he did, the spirit of the Lord came upon Elisha saying, “Make this valley full of ditches…for you will see neither wind nor rain, yet this valley will be filled with water” (2 Kings 3:17). In other words, “You’ve cried out. God has answered. Now dig.

I’ve often wondered what God’s has been calling each of us to do during this time. Faith that moves the heart of God is often linked with certain assumptions. Do you really believe God needed them to dig ditches? No! He could have dropped a lake there at any point. What God did require of them was effort…an effort that matched their proclamation. In the New Testament, James puts it this way: “Faith without works is dead” (1:26).

How can you demonstrate faith today, during this season? You might say, “I’ve been limiting my time around people during COVID-19?” Well, so have I. But making a phone call or writing a letter or attending a video Sunday school class isn’t going to cause you to contract coronavirus. Admit it—fear paralyzes. So, let’s be a bit more spiritually realistic. We have an enemy who wants to keep us in fear and not engage our faith nor this blessed family God has given us. Now, I am NOT suggesting we need to disregard safety, protocol, or science. I am suggesting, however, that by observing them, you can be safe.

Your faith, and the family that we all share, is under attack like never before. Churches and ministries across our nation are in disastrous, unsustainable situations because people are giving in to fear and taking a path of least resistance. This is not what we are called to do as Christ-followers. We are called to active faith—a faith that believes big, but just might be willing to start with simple steps. What simple step can you take this week? Whatever it is, I know the Lord will meet you there.

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