"Power in Perseverance" - Charles & Doris Persons

"If you do nothing in a difficult time, your strengh is limited" (Prov 24:10, HCSB).

In a world filled with roadblocks and stumbling blocks, we need strength, courage, and perseverance. We need to look no further than our Savior, Jesus Christ. He finished what He began. Despite enduring torture and the shame of the cross, Jesus was steadfast in His faithfulness to God. We, too, must remain faithful, especially during times of hardship.

Perhaps you are in a hurry for God to reveal His plans for your life. But God operates on His own timetable, not ours. Sometimes, God may answer your prayers with silence and when He does, you must patiently persevere. In times of trouble, you must remain steadafast and tust in the merciful goodness of your Heavenly Father. Whatever your problem is, He can handle it. Our job is to keep persevering until He does.

Anne Graham Lotz would say this: “Are you a Christian? If you are, how can you be hopeless? Are you so depressed by the greatness of your problems that you have given up all hope? Instead of giving up, would you patiently endure? Would you focus on Christ until you are so preoccupied with Him alone that you fall prostrate before him?"

And so we pray together, "Lord, when life gets difficult, I am tempted to abandon hope in the future. But You are Lord, and I can draw strength from You. Help me trust You, Father God, in good times and in bad. Help me persevere—even if my soul is troubled—that I may follow Your Son, Jesus Christ, this day in taking up my cross for His sake. Amen."

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